Port St John / Cypress Woods
FayLakeSunset.JPGTake the exit just north of the Beachline and you have arrived on the Port St John Pkwy.  If you go west to Golfview Ave you enter into a residential area and Fay Lake Park with 2 playgrounds, walking trails and several fishing piers into the lake

There is also a dog park split for small and large dogs.  I took this photo myself at Fay Lake Park during sunset while in Port St John.  The sky was amazing that afternoon.  There was no need to photo shop the picture at all since it was not needed!

If you decide to go east and take a left on Grissom Parkway you are 1 light away from the main intersection of the neighborhood at Fay Blvd.  Go east and you pass the ball fields, racquetball and tennis courts and eventually run into US Hwy 1 which runs along the Inter Coastal Waterway.

Port St John has 3 elementary schools and Jr/Sr High School.  The school are know for A rated schools in Brevard County.  Port St John's 3 elementary schools are a year round school (Challenger 7), traditional school year (Atlantis) and Inclusion school (Enterprise).
Andrea and Mark Simon
Andrea and Mark Simon